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We believe that businesses need to go faster than ever in the rapidly changing world of technology. This makes it all the more important to have security services that match the pace of innovation while providing the confidence to execute with velocity.

Our expert security consultants ensure you receive the black card experience that takes the complexity out of the wickedly technical. Get the top-shelf experience paired with the sophisticated security service.

White Paper Report

Making the case for Comprehensive Security

Threat Emulation

Confronting the LockBit Ransomware with Threat Emulation

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Investing in cybersecurity is akin to putting brakes in a car. It doesn’t stop you moving forward, it gives you the confidence to go faster

John Paull
Head of Operations

Milford Asset Management

Our Managed & Professional Services

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and you need a reliable partner to protect your IT infrastructure. The Instillery Security Intelligence provides professional services and consultancy that deliver comprehensive security solutions. Let us handle your IT security, so you can focus on your business.

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Managed Security

Gain best-in-class cybersecurity protection for your organisation. Trust your users, data and systems with New Zealand's security experts.

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Security & Privacy Assessments

How secure is your M365? Will your defences hold up against complex attacks? Find out with a comprehensive security assessment.

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Strategy & Advisory Services 

Unlock a strategic security partner who will help your organisation align its business goals with its security strategy and knowledge.

Our Process

1. Prepare & Protect


Fortifying your defences by implementing robust technical controls, comprehensive policies, and streamlined processes, this proactive approach is vital in deterring potential threats and ensuring a solid foundation for security.

2. Security Incident


Security events can manifest through various channels such as manual reports, automated alerts, or ongoing system and security monitoring. Each signal warrants attention and scrutiny to swiftly identify and assess any potential risks.

3. Investigate

We dive into the heart of security events, meticulously documenting every detail while conducting an initial technical analysis. Promptly classify the incident, either declaring it as such or resolving it conclusively before closure.


4. Analyse


Delving deep into the technical intricacies of the incident to unearth its origins, tactics, and breadth, we gauge its potential impact on business operations and scrutinise any legal or regulatory obligations.

5. Respond


Executing a swift and decisive response strategy, prioritizing containment to halt the spread of the attack. Proceeding to eradicate the threat, recovering any compromised data or systems, and initiating measures to repair any reputational damage. Adherence to legal and regulatory mandates is paramount throughout this process.

6. Review


We conduct a comprehensive post-mortem of the incident, encompassing procedural, technical, and business perspectives. Identify areas for enhancement and craft a targeted action plan to integrate necessary improvements seamlessly into your security framework.

Stopping malware isn't enough

But that's what simple anti-virus programs and other managed services attempt to do. The real challenge is identifying the human adversaries orchestrating cyberattacks and countering them.

A challenge we specialise in addressing.

Our Partners

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Meet New Zealand's Top-Shelf Security Experts

We wouldn't trust our security with anyone else - and neither should you

Although our Security Intelligence team is made up of several fantastic cyber experts, Julian and Sam lead the charge as our two exceptionally talented and knowledgeable security consultants.

Our Latest Intelligence

Stay ahead of threats with the latest Security Intelligence, your source for up-to-date news, insights and thought leadership in the world of cyber security.

Threat-Emulation-Featured-Image-v2 (1).jpeg

2 May 2024

Auckland, New Zealand - May 1, 2024 - The Instillery, a leading provider of IT and security solutions in New Zealand...

The Instillery Empowers More Businesses to Strengthen Cyber Defences with Microsoft MDR Services

Threat-Emulation-Featured-Image-v2 (1).jpeg
Threat-Emulation-Featured-Image-v2 (1).jpeg

6 Sept 2023

Join Julian Wendt & Christopher Lloyd in the inaugural episode of The Instillery's Tech Shots. In this concise series, our team of...

Cracking the Code: Confronting the LockBit Ransomware with Threat Emulation

Threat-Emulation-Featured-Image-v2 (1).jpeg
Threat-Emulation-Featured-Image-v2 (1).jpeg

18 Aug 2023

In the realm of cybersecurity, staying ahead of potential threats is paramount. That's where the power of Threat Emulation comes...

What is Threat Emulation?

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